Infinity Tech Consulting, Inc.


InfinITy Technology Consulting was founded in August 2002 under the sole premise that there was a need for an IT organization that focused on customer service just as much as they focused on technical expertise.

Business People

Years of experience in project management coupled with the ability to initiate, strategize, implement, and evaluate customer’s needs enabled Infinity to provide clientele with practical IT solutions unique to each client’s infrastructure.

“We always believed that the only thing that customers want is to be heard”, says Edgar Mosley President and Founder of infinity Technology Consulting, Inc. “When you marry that with technical expertise, honesty, and the ability to get the job right the first time you’ve got a customer who trusts you as a technology partner.”

Infinity is not rocket science, it just common sense based upon four principals.

With those principals, Infinity has experienced a steady 20 to 30 percent growth over the past 12 years. Customer refer us simply because not only are we reliable but more importantly we are someone they can trust.

Our unique methodology for managing IT projects and implementing services, LADI SM (Listen, Assess, Design, and Implementation), allows us to fully understand the client's environment, needs, and help determine the associated risks. Through this process we are able to exceed the client's expectations while maintaining excellent customer service on each and every project.

LADI Diagram

Let Infinity be your next choice as your IT Solutions provider so that we can build a lasting partnership with your company.