Infinity Tech Consulting, Inc.


When you are working to meet the individual needs of your patients, you want to be focused and responsive. We recognize that you have extremely specialized software supporting your practice. What you need is the ability to access your data centrally.

Our years of experience working with clinics have made us experts at your specific needs. That’s why we created an arm of ITC just for you. It’s common for clinics to use a desktop PC as a server, so we take the time to ensure there are proper data backup procedures, while maintaining the security of your patients’ sensitive information. To minimize costs, we create integrated solutions that take advantage of your existing infrastructure.

Solutions include:

Although we recognize similarities among clinics such as centralized data access and emphasis on security, we don’t try to fit you into pre-fabricated solution. We still do the customized assessment we always have to create the best solution for your business.

We have found that this approach, along with our Infinity GUARANTEE, gives our clients the Peace of Mind they deserve from their Infinity solution.

Don’t believe us look at the testimonials.